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Disco Iskandar tailors it's services to fit the client's needs, and selects repertory pieces that best fit each event's theme.
Services offered by Disco Iskandar include:
Full length 75 or 90 minute show with 5 to 8 dancers
Partial length 15, 30, or 45 minute show with 3 to 5 dancers
Duet show 10 to 30 minutes
Solo show
Ambiance performers

In an ensemble show, clients can expect a polished, exciting show with pieces that are varied and interesting, with a variety of props including silk veil, Isis wings, finger cymbals, hookah shamadans, swords, and more. Special requests may be made for specific props, such as hula hoop, poi, or fire props.
Disco Iskandar's shows are retro-inspired belly dance, with a groovy disco twist. We are sexy, classy, a little silly, and a lot of fun. Clients may request a show that is entirely classic belly dance styles or a show that is a mix of styles with an element of comedy. Disco is available for events, film, music videos, and more.

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