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Disco Iskandar brings to the stage a far-out, unforgettable experience. Performing varied styles of belly dance and related cultural dances with a vintage flair, Disco Iskandar's unique style, dazzling custom costumes, and commitment to artistic excellence come together to create a production that is fabulous, dreamy, and oozing with 70's glamour.

Disco Iskandar is a nationally touring dance company directed by Veronica Lynn, based out of Los Angeles, California. The founding cast members of Disco Iskandar are Ariel Celeste, Devin Alfather, Gia Bee, Liz Azi, and Veronica Lynn. In addition to the touring show, the company is available in Southern California and the Las Vegas area for high profile events, corporate and private parties, music videos, and film.

Visit the Contact page to enquire. 

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