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Disco Iskandar is directed by Veronica Lynn. Founded in fall 2022, the original cast members are Veronica Lynn, Gia Bee, Liz Azi, Devin Alfather, and Ariel Celeste. The company now includes more than fifteen dancers around the United States, with chapters in California, Texas, and Florida. Disco Iskandar made its debut as a touring company in January 2023, performing full-length, self-produced shows in cities across the Southeast. In June of 2023, Disco Iskandar embarked on its second tour, this time performing in venues up and down the West Coast. The company’s Los Angeles chapter went on to produce a monthly show at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Downtown LA, along with a slew of performances around Hollywood and San Diego, before fully relocating to Orlando.

Several of the company’s members and choreographers have traveled to and studied dance in Egypt and Lebanon. Disco Iskandar strives to maintain a high level of artistic and cultural integrity while presenting a show that is fabulous, unforgettable, and oozing 1970’s glam. The name is inspired by director Veronica’s love of disco, and a 1980’s British documentary in which the narrator described the city Alexandria (Iskandariah in Arabic) as “the Vegas of the ancient Middle East.”  

     About Disco Iskandar     

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